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Every Australian employer has a duty of care under the Work Health and Safety Act to provide a safe workplace. At Beaumont Solutions, we collaborate with businesses of all sizes to make this task simple. We take our detailed knowledge and experience in the field and use it to design a WHS solution that is tailored to your unique needs.

How can we help?

We provide a range of services designed to ensure that your workforce is both efficient in its work and fundamentally safer at all times.

Risk Management

WHS Management Systems

Your WHS management system needs to take account of all WHS requirements across your business.

What is a complete WHS Management System?

We develop a complete plan that includes procedures, forms, schedules and checklists. We do this by mapping your business needs to the legislation, regulations, codes of practice, standards and any contractual obligations.

Why do I need it?

The system will be specific to your business needs and operations. Implementing a system ensures that you do not adopt unnecessary or bureaucratic processes, and can show your workers and clients that you are compliant with all relevant legislation.

Customised Safe Work Plans

Customised Safe Work Practices

Sometimes all you need is the instruction manual for what you do, to remind your workers on how to perform tasks safely.

What are customised safe work procedures?

Safe work procedures are user friendly documents generated from risk assessments. They outline hazards, risks and associated control measures.

Why do I need it?

Officers have a duty of care for their workers to keep them safe. These documents are evidence that workers have been provided with information and instruction on how to perform tasks in the safest possible way to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Incident Response

Incident Response and Investigation

We can help prepare impartial analysis and advice related to root cause and contributing factors of an incident.

What is incident response and investigation?

The time following an incident can be stressful and full of conflicting information. By working with us, we are able to take only relevant information gained through documentation and interviews, to produce a high-quality report that includes recommendations to avoid reoccurrence.

Why do I need it?

As an employer, conducting a thorough investigation of any incident is critical to protecting your workers and your business for the future. 

Audits & Reviews

Audit and Review

With experience that ranges across heavy industries, retail, workshop and offices, we have extensive auditing knowledge to help you comply with relevant legislation, codes, standards including AS/NZS 4801, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, and contractual obligations. 

What is an audit?

We develop a customised audit for your business, identify any risks and gaps in your processes, and help you work towards compliance. We can help train key workers to understand the changes that they need to make, so that any changes as a result of the audit are sustainable for your business.

Why do I need it?

Officers hold responsibility for ensuring their business runs safely. Having a standalone system in place is not sufficient – regular audits can give you the peace of mind that they are appropriately implemented.

Remote Subcontracting

Remote Subcontracting

It is not necessary to fund a full-time position in your team for health and safety, however it is always necessary to be safety compliant. Small businesses and large businesses with short-term needs, may only need incidental support to deliver a project and retain control of costs.

What is remote subcontracting?

We can complete your health and safety work on a remote basis, only visiting the work site when necessary to attain critical information. 

Why do I need it?

For ad-hoc projects, this helps you retain control of your costs, whilst giving you the peace of mind that you are compliant with all relevant legislation.

tender preparation

Tender Preparation

Your clients will want to know that you can deliver on-time, on-budget… and safely.

What is tender preparation?

We help you review bids out for tender, and can advise you on any safety related contractual requirements.

Why do I need it?

Safety is considered in all projects. Ensuring that you and your clients are not surprised by requirements and related expenses is key to success. 

management plans

Management Plans

Your management plan should suit business objectives and ensure you can manage any safety matter from the project plan to service delivery.

What is a management plan?

We align your different areas of work to the relevant legislation and create tactical plans to ensure you stay compliant while driving continuous improvement.

Why do I need it?

Whether you are refreshing your plans, onboarding a new contractor or preparing for emergency response, your plan should provide thoughtful steps to protecting your team. 

risk assessment

Risk Assessment

We work with you to assess safety risks to your business – and then mitigate them, to ensure your projects can move ahead confidently.

What is risk assessment?

Risk assessment is a method of identification, assessment and mitigation to meet compliance requirements. 

Why do I need it?

By implementing controls and measures, we are able to eliminate and manage risks to bring them to the lowest acceptable risk level, giving you confidence that your team are working in the safest possible environment. A risk register with effective controls also ensures regulators understand that you are compliant with relevant legal obligations.

Occupational health and safety training


We have training solutions to help your team play their part in keeping your business safe.

What is training?

Customised training will ensure that team members understand what they need to do to keep their work area safe. Training may be specific to a system, at the start of a project, or simply within a monthly toolbox meeting, however every team member will leave understanding the risks and how they can help avoid any incidents.

Why do I need it?

Workers have an obligation to themselves and one another to stay safe in the workplace. Effective training can give you peace of mind that workers understand their obligations and have had the opportunity to ask any questions.

We put your people
at the centre of
everything we do

We put your people
at the centre of
everything we do

About Beaumont Solutions

Beaumont Solutions

Beaumont Solutions have worked with specialised teams, small groups and across large organisations, amassing a wealth of detailed knowledge and experience along the way.

We understand which regulations, standards and codes apply to your business. This means they can help you customise your approach to Work Health & Safety – easily and efficiently.

We are equipped to complete Gap Analysis and Audits for total assurance that you are meeting your regulatory and other requirements.

We have experience working on multi-million dollar construction projects and understand the unique challenges this industry faces.

We have worked with school-aged employees, and have developed effective training methods for this group. 

We are familiar with both AS/NZS 4801 and 45001.

We have worked with a wide range of different clients and are experienced at tailoring a solution for any size business.

We are great at working with existing teams and taking over existing projects.

We are experienced at providing training and information to employees to help them understand the hazards present in the workplace and how to perform tasks in the safest way.

We have the knowledge to help businesses effectively resolve any issues, and gain a better grasp of the root causes in order to prevent any recurrence.

We understand a program must be simple to be sustainable

We understand that a program must be simple to be sustainable

About Anna Beaumont

Owner & Principal Consultant

Anna Beaumont

Owner & Principal Consultant

Anna is a senior health and safety professional and accredited auditor, with experience in various industries including automotive, energy, insurance, government and not-for-profit organisations.

Her passion is guiding business owners through their WHS challenges by helping them understand their responsibilities, and then providing them with everything they need to ensure that their approach is effective.

She believes strongly that complex programs do not stick around, and it is this philosophy that underpins Beaumont Solutions. By keeping recommendations simple and understandable, business owners are empowered to manage, monitor and resolve any issues with the minimum of effort, whilst continuously improving to avoid incidents and injuries.

Most of all, Anna prides herself on being someone people can trust to align with their values and attitudes to get the job done.

Anna Beaumont
AIHS Member

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